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§ 2076b.
Inspector General audits and reports
Improvements by the Commission
The Inspector General of the Commission shall conduct reviews and audits to assess—
the Commission’s capital improvement efforts, including improvements and upgrades of the Commission’s information technology architecture and systems and the development of the database of publicly available information on incidents involving injury or death required under section 2055a of this title, as added by section 212 of this Act; and
the adequacy of procedures for accrediting conformity assessment bodies as authorized by section 2063(a)(3) of this title, as amended by this Act, and overseeing the third party testing required by such section.
Employee complaints
Within 1 year after August 14, 2008, the Inspector General shall conduct a review of—
complaints received by the Inspector General from employees of the Commission about failures of other employees to enforce the rules or regulations of the Consumer Product Safety Act [15 U.S.C. 2051 et seq.] or any other Act enforced by the Commission or otherwise carry out their responsibilities under such Acts if such alleged failures raise issues of conflicts of interest, ethical violations, or the absence of good faith; and
actions taken by the Commission to address such failures and complaints, including an assessment of the timeliness and effectiveness of such actions.
Public Internet website links
Not later than 30 days after August 14, 2008, the Commission shall establish and maintain—
a direct link on the homepage of its Internet website to the Internet webpage of the Commission’s Office of Inspector General; and
a mechanism on the webpage of the Commission’s Office of Inspector General by which individuals may anonymously report cases of waste, fraud, or abuse with respect to the Commission.
Activities and needs of Inspector General

Not later than 60 days after August 14, 2008

Reviews of improvements and employee complaints

Beginning for fiscal year 2010, the Inspector General of the Commission shall include in an annual report to the appropriate Congressional committees the Inspector General’s findings, conclusions, and recommendations from the reviews and audits under subsections (a) and (b).

(Pub. L. 110–314, title II, § 205, Aug. 14, 2008, 122 Stat. 3043.)
cite as: 15 USC 2076b