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§ 3803. Duties of Secretary of Energy
(a) Designation of management entity for program
(b) Monitoring and management of program; agreements with other Federal departments and agencies
(c) Assurances respecting scope of program activitiesIn assuring the effective management of this program, the Secretary shall have specific responsibility to ascertain that the program includes activities to—
(1) promote basic and applied research on methane-fueled vehicle construction, modification, and safety;
(2) conduct research and development on optimum overall specifications for methane-fueled vehicles;
(3) determine appropriate means and facilities for safely and economically storing, transporting, and dispensing methane for use as a vehicular fuel;
(4) conduct demonstration projects with respect to the feasibility of methane-fueled vehicles and methane transmission, storage and dispensing facilities (A) by providing necessary financial or technical assistance for the construction, modification, or operation of motor vehicles to be methane-fueled for practical use or of methane transmission, storage and dispensing facilities, and (B) by entering into agreements or arrangements with other entities, governmental and nongovernmental, for the demonstration of such vehicles and facilities;
(5) gather performance data, including but not limited to emissions data, on methane-fueled vehicles and related transmission and storage facilities;
(6) determine that the participants in each demonstration assisted under this chapter have made satisfactory arrangements to obtain an adequate supply of methane for vehicular use in the project;
(7) ascertain the need for modifications in available methane-fueled vehicles to improve their efficiency and performance and to facilitate their widespread use by fleet owners; and
(8) ascertain any changes in fuel supply patterns, tax policies, and standards governing the manufacture of vehicles which are needed to facilitate the manufacture and use of methane-fueled vehicles.
(d) Implementation of program; administrative procedures, etc., applicable
(1) The Secretary of Energy shall insure that the conduct of the research and development program of this chapter—
(A) supplements the automotive propulsion system research and development efforts of industry;
(B) is not formulated in a manner that will supplant private industry research and development or displace or lessen industry’s research and development; and
(C) avoids duplication of private research and development.
(2) To that end, the Secretary of Energy shall issue administrative regulations, within 60 days after December 12, 1980, which shall specify procedures, standards, and criteria for the timely review for compliance of each new contract, grant, Department of Energy project, or other agency project funded or to be funded under the authority of this chapter. Such regulations shall require that the Secretary of Energy or his designee shall certify that each such contract, grant, or project satisfies the requirement of this subsection, and shall include in such certification a discussion of the relationship of any related or comparable industry research and development, in terms of this subsection, to the proposed research and development under the authority of this chapter. The discussion shall also address related issues, such as cost sharing and patent rights.
(3) Such certifications shall be available to the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the Senate. The provisions of chapter 5 of title 5 shall not apply to such certifications and no court shall have any jurisdiction to review the preparation or adequacy of such certifications; but section 553 of title 5 and section 5916 of title 42 shall apply to public disclosure of such certifications.
(4) The Secretary of Energy also shall include in the report required by section 3808 1
1 See References in Text note below.
of this title a detailed discussion of how each research and development contract, grant, or project funded under the authority of this chapter satisfies the requirement of this subsection.
(5) Further, the Secretary of Energy in each annual budget submission to the Congress, or amendment thereto, for the programs authorized by this chapter shall describe how each identified research and development effort in such submission satisfies the requirements of this subsection.
(6) The provisions and requirements of this subsection shall not apply with respect to any contract, grant, or project which was entered into, made, or formally approved and initiated prior to the enactment of this chapter, or with respect to any renewal or extension thereof.
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