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§ 835c–4. General powers of Secretary of the Interior; delegation to authorized representatives

The Secretary is authorized to perform such acts, to make such rules and regulations, and to include in contracts relating to the Columbia Basin project such provisions as he deems proper for carrying out the provisions of this Act; and in connection with sales or exchanges under the Act, he is authorized to effect conveyances without regard to the law governing the patenting of public lands. Wherever in this Act functions, powers, or duties are conferred upon the Secretary, said functions, powers, or duties may be performed, exercised, or discharged by his duly authorized representatives.

(May 27, 1937, ch. 269, § 8, as added Mar. 10, 1943, ch. 14, 57 Stat. 20; amended Pub. L. 87–728, § 6(c), Oct. 1, 1962, 76 Stat. 679.)