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§ 824g. Ascertainment of cost of property and depreciation
(a) Investigation of property costs

The Commission may investigate and ascertain the actual legitimate cost of the property of every public utility, the depreciation therein, and, when found necessary for rate-making purposes, other facts which bear on the determination of such cost or depreciation, and the fair value of such property.

(b) Request for inventory and cost statements

Every public utility upon request shall file with the Commission an inventory of all or any part of its property and a statement of the original cost thereof, and shall keep the Commission informed regarding the cost of all additions, betterments, extensions, and new construction.

(June 10, 1920, ch. 285, pt. II, § 208, as added Aug. 26, 1935, ch. 687, title II, § 213, 49 Stat. 853.)