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§ 973i. Findings by Secretary
(a) Order of vessel to leave waters upon failure to submit to jurisdiction of Pacific Island Party; procedure applicableFollowing any investigation conducted in accordance with section 973h(b) of this title, the Secretary, with the concurrence of the Secretary of State, and upon the request of the Pacific Island Party concerned, may order a fishing vessel which has not submitted to the jurisdiction of that Pacific Island Party to leave immediately the Licensing Area, all Limited Areas, and all Closed Areas upon making a finding—
(1) that the fishing vessel—
(A) while fishing in the Licensing Area did not have a license under the Treaty to fish in the Licensing Area, and that under paragraph 2 of Article 3 of the Treaty, such fishing is not authorized to be conducted in the Licensing Area without a license;
(B) was involved in any incident in which an Authorized Officer, Authorized Party Officer, or observer was allegedly assaulted with resultant bodily harm, physically threatened, forcefully resisted, refused boarding, or subjected to physical intimidation or physical interference in the performance of duties as authorized by this chapter or the Treaty;
(C) has not made full payment within 60 days of any amount due as a result of a final judgment or other final determination deriving from a violation in waters within the Treaty Area of a Pacific Island Party; or
(D) was not represented by an agent for service of process in accordance with the Treaty; or
(2) that there is probable cause to believe that the fishing vessel—
(A) was used in violation of section 973c(a)(4), (a)(5), (b)(2), or (b)(3) of this title;
(B) used an aircraft in violation of section 973c(b)(7) of this title; or
(C) was involved in an incident in which section 973c(a)(7) of this title was violated.
(b) Order of vessel to leave waters where Pacific Island Party investigating alleged Treaty infringement

Upon being advised by the Secretary of State that proper notification to Parties has been made under paragraph 7 of Article 5 of the Treaty that a Pacific Island Party is investigating an alleged infringement of the Treaty by a vessel in waters under the jurisdiction of such Pacific Island Party, the Secretary shall order the vessel to leave such waters until the Secretary of State notifies the Secretary that such order is no longer necessary.

(c) Rescission of orders

The Secretary shall rescind any order issued on the basis of a finding under subsection (a)(1)(C) or (D) of this section as soon as the Secretary determines that the facts underlying the finding do not apply.

(d) Prohibition on judicial review of orders

No order issued in accordance with this section is subject to judicial review.

(e) Enforcement of orders by Attorney General

Upon a request by the Secretary, the Attorney General shall commence a civil action for appropriate relief, including permanent or temporary injunction, to enforce any order issued by the Secretary under this section.

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