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§ 958. Cooperation with other agencies
(a) Coordination of programs

In order to provide coordination between the general annual programs of the commissions and programs of other agencies, relating to the exploration, development, and conservation of fishery resources, the Secretary of State may recommend to the United States Commissioners that they consider the relationship of the commissions’ programs to those of such agencies and when necessary arrange, with the concurrence of such agencies, for mutual cooperation between the commissions and such agencies for carrying out their respective programs.

(b) Scientific and other programs; facilities and personnel

All agencies of the Federal Government are authorized on request of the commissions to cooperate in the conduct of scientific and other programs, or to furnish facilities and personnel for the purpose of assisting the commissions in the performance of their duties.

(c) Facilities and personnel to non-Federal agencies

The commissions are authorized and empowered to supply facilities and personnel to existing non-Federal agencies to expedite research work which in the judgment of the commissions is contributing or will contribute directly to the purposes of the conventions.

(Sept. 7, 1950, ch. 907, § 9, 64 Stat. 779.)