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§ 460xx–2. Management plan
(a) Development of plan

No later than 2 years after November 18, 1988, the Secretary shall develop a comprehensive plan for the long-range management and protection of the conservation area. The plan shall be developed with full opportunity for public participation and comment, and shall contain provisions designed to assure protection of the riparian area and the aquatic, wildlife, archeological, paleontological, scientific, cultural, educational, and recreation resources and values of the conservation area.

(b) Recommendations

The Secretary shall, in the comprehensive plan referred to in subsection (a), develop recommendations to Congress on whether additional lands should be included in the conservation area.

(c) Cooperative agreements

The Secretary may enter into cooperative agreements with appropriate State and local agencies, pursuant to section 1737(b) of title 43, to better implement the plan developed pursuant to subsection (a).

(d) Research

In order to assist in the development of appropriate management strategies for the conservation area, the Secretary may authorize research on matters including the environmental, biological, hydrological, and cultural resources of the conservation area, pursuant to section 1737(a) of title 43.

(Pub. L. 100–696, title I, § 103, Nov. 18, 1988, 102 Stat. 4572.)