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§ 460ww–4. Special conditions
(a) New project construction

If, after October 26, 1988, any department, agency, instrumentality or person commences construction of any dam, water conduit, reservoir, powerhouse, transmission line or other project at or in conjunction with the Summersville project, the department, agency, instrumentality or other person which constructs or operates such new project shall comply with such terms and conditions as the Secretary deems necessary, in his discretion, to protect the resources of the recreation area, including such terms and conditions as the Secretary deems necessary to ensure that such new project will not adversely affect whitewater recreation and other recreation activities during or after project construction.

(b) Adverse effects on recreation area

If any such new project referred to in subsection (a) will create a direct, physical, adverse effect on access to the recreation area immediately downstream of the Summersville Dam during or after project construction, including vehicle parking, related facilities, and river access for whitewater recreation and other recreational use of the recreation area, the department, agency, instrumentality or person constructing such project shall replace and enhance the adversely affected facilities in such manner as may be appropriate to accommodate visitation, as determined by the Secretary.

(c) New project permits

The terms and conditions referred to in this section shall be included in any license, permit, or exemption issued for any such new project. Any such new project shall be subject to all provisions of this Act, including section 460ww–1(d) of this title, except that during the four-year period after October 26, 1988, nothing in this Act shall prohibit the licensing of a project adjacent to Summersville Dam as proposed by the city of Summersville, or by any competing project applicant with a permit or license application on file as of August 8, 1988, if such project complies with this section. If such project is licensed within such four-year period, the Secretary shall modify the boundary map referred to in section 460ww of this title to relocate the upstream boundary of the recreation area along a line perpendicular to the river crossing the point five hundred and fifty feet downstream of the existing valve house and one thousand two hundred feet (measured along the river bank) upstream of United States Geological Survey Gauge Numbered 03189600, except in making the modification the Secretary shall maintain within the boundary of the recreation area those lands identified in the boundary map referred to in section 460ww of this title which are not necessary to the operation of such project. If project construction is not commenced within the time required in such license, or if such license is surrendered at any time, such boundary modification shall cease to have any force and effect.

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