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§ 460dddd. Establishment of Recreation Area
(a) Establishment
(1) In general

Subject to valid existing rights, there is established the San Rafael Swell Recreation Area in the State.

(2) Area included

The Recreation Area shall consist of approximately 216,995 acres of Federal land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, as generally depicted on the Map.

(b) Purposes

The purposes of the Recreation Area are to provide for the protection, conservation, and enhancement of the recreational, cultural, natural, scenic, wildlife, ecological, historical, and educational resources of the Recreation Area.

(c) Map and legal description
(1) In general

As soon as practicable after March 12, 2019, the Secretary shall file a map and legal description of the Recreation Area with the Committee on Natural Resources of the House of Representatives and the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the Senate.

(2) Effect

The map and legal description filed under paragraph (1) shall have the same force and effect as if included in this subchapter, except that the Secretary may correct clerical and typographical errors in the map and legal description.

(3) Public availability

A copy of the map and legal description filed under paragraph (1) shall be on file and available for public inspection in the appropriate offices of the Bureau of Land Management.

(Pub. L. 116–9, title I, § 1221, Mar. 12, 2019, 133 Stat. 668.)