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§ 410eeee–4. Zoning laws and ordinances; establishment; assistance; restrictions; variances
The Secretary shall on his own initiative, or at the request of any local government having jurisdiction over land located in or adjacent to the Gorge area, assist and consult with the appropriate officials and employees of such local government in establishing zoning laws or ordinances which will assist in achieving the purposes of this subchapter. In providing assistance pursuant to this section, the Secretary shall endeavor to obtain provisions in such zoning laws or ordinances which—
(1) have the effect of restricting incompatible commercial and industrial use of all real property in or adjacent to the Gorge area;
(2) aid in preserving the character of the Gorge area by appropriate restrictions on the use of real property in the vicinity, including, but not limited to, restrictions upon building and construction of all types; signs and billboards; the burning of cover; cutting of timber; removal of topsoil, sand, or gravel; dumping, storage, or piling of refuse; or any other use which would detract from the esthetic character of the Gorge area; and
(3) have the effect of providing that the Secretary shall receive advance notice of any hearing for the purpose of granting a variance and any variance granted under, and of any exception made to, the application of such law or ordinance.
(Pub. L. 95–625, title XI, § 1104, Nov. 10, 1978, 92 Stat. 3546.)