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§ 410aaa–27. Joshua Tree National Park Advisory Commission
(a) Establishment

The Secretary shall establish an Advisory Commission of no more than fifteen members, to advise the Secretary concerning the development and implementation of a new or revised comprehensive management plan for Joshua Tree National Park.

(b) Membership
(1) The advisory commission shall include an elected official for each County within which any part of the park is located, a representative of the owners of private properties located within or immediately adjacent to the park, and other members representing persons actively engaged in grazing and range management, mineral exploration and development, and persons with expertise in relevant fields, including geology, biology, ecology, law enforcement, and the protection and management of National Park resources and values.
(2) Vacancies in the advisory commission shall be filled by the Secretary so as to maintain the full diversity of views required to be represented on the advisory commission.
(c) Applicability of chapter 10 of title 5

Chapter 10 of title 5 shall apply to the procedures and activities of the advisory commission.

(d) Termination

The advisory commission shall cease to exist ten years after the date of its establishment.

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