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§ 459a–3. Migratory bird refuges not to be affected

Notwithstanding any other provisions of sections 459 to 459a–3 of this title, lands and waters on or after August 17, 1937, included in any migratory bird refuge under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Agriculture, within the boundaries of the national seashore recreational area as designated by the Secretary of the Interior under section 459 of this title, shall continue as such refuge under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Agriculture for the protection of migratory birds, but such lands and waters shall be a part of the aforesaid national seashore recreational area and shall be administered by the National Park Service for recreational uses not inconsistent with the purposes of such refuge under such rules and regulations as the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture may jointly approve. The proviso to section 459 of this title shall not limit the power of the Secretary of Agriculture to acquire lands for any migratory bird refuge by purchase with any funds made available therefor by applicable law.

(Aug. 17, 1937, ch. 687, § 5, 50 Stat. 670; June 29, 1940, ch. 459, § 1, 54 Stat. 702.)