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§ 450hh–1. Designation; acquisition of additional lands; lands excluded

Upon a determination by the Secretary of the Interior that sufficient land and interests in land situated on the island have been acquired by the United States for the establishment of a suitable national monument, such acquired property, and any Federal properties on the island that are not required for other public purposes, shall be established as the “Saint Croix Island International Historic Site”. An order of the Secretary of the Interior, constituting notice of such determination, shall be published in the Federal Register. Following establishment of the national monument, other properties situated upon the island may become a part of the monument upon acquisition of title to such properties by the U

(June 8, 1949, ch. 180, § 2, 63 Stat. 158; Pub. L. 98–422, Sept. 25, 1984, 98 Stat. 1615.)