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§ 450ss–5. Limitations on funding
Authorization of Appropriations: 1
1 So in original. “Appropriations” probably should not be capitalized.
(1) In general

In furtherance of the purposes of sections 450ss to 450ss–7 of this title, the Secretary may provide, from the National Park Service’s National Recreation and Preservation account, the remainder of the sum of $5,000,000 for an endowment fund subject to paragraph (2), to remain available until expended.

(2) Matching requirement

Amounts appropriated in any fiscal year to carry out the provisions of sections 450ss to 450ss–7 may only be expended on a matching basis in a ratio of at least one non-Federal dollar to every Federal dollar. For the purposes of this provision, each non-Federal dollar donated to the Foundation for the creation, maintenance, operation, or endowment of the Memorial shall satisfy the matching dollar requirement without regard to the fiscal year in which such donation is made.

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