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§ 460n–3. Purposes and uses of area
(a) Public recreation, benefit, and use
(b) Specific activities
In carrying out the functions prescribed by this subchapter, in addition to other related activities that may be permitted hereunder, the Secretary may provide for the following activities, subject to such limitations, conditions, or regulations as he may prescribe, and to such extent as will not be inconsistent with either the recreational use or the primary use of that portion of the area heretofore withdrawn for reclamation purposes:
(1) General recreation use, such as bathing, boating, camping, and picnicking;
(2) Grazing;
(3) Mineral leasing;
(4) Vacation cabin site use, in accordance with existing policies of the Department of the Interior relating to such use, or as such policies may be revised hereafter by the Secretary.
(Pub. L. 88–639, § 4, Oct. 8, 1964, 78 Stat. 1040.)