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§ 460n–8. United States magistrate judge: appointment; functions; probation; fees

A United States magistrate judge shall be appointed for that portion of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area that is situated in Mohave County, Arizona. Such magistrate judge shall be appointed by the United States district court having jurisdiction thereover, and the magistrate judge shall serve as directed by such court, as well as pursuant to, and within the limits of, the authority of said court.

The functions of the magistrate judge shall include the trial and sentencing of persons charged with the commission of misdemeanors and infractions as defined in section 3581 of title 18. The exercise of additional functions by the magistrate judge shall be consistent with and be carried out in accordance with the authority, laws, and regulations, of general application to United States magistrate judges. The probation laws shall be applicable to persons tried by the magistrate judge and he shall have power to grant probation. The magistrate judge shall receive the fees, and none other, provided by law for like or similar services.

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