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§ 460w–6. Land and water use management plan; adoption, implementation, and revision of plan by Secretary; required provisions of plan
In the administration, protection, and development of the lakeshore, the Secretary shall adopt and implement, and may from time to time revise, a land and water use management plan which shall include specific provision for—
(a) protection of scenic, scientific, historic, geological, and archeological features contributing to public education, inspiration, and enjoyment;
(b) development of facilities to provide the benefits of public recreation together with such access roads as he deems appropriate; and
(c) preservation of the unique flora and fauna and the physiographic and geologic conditions now prevailing on the Apostle Islands within the lakeshore: Provided, That the Secretary may provide for the public enjoyment and understanding of the unique natural, historical, scientific, and archeological features of the Apostle Islands through the establishment of such trails, observation points, exhibits, and services as he may deem desirable.
(Pub. L. 91–424, § 7, Sept. 26, 1970, 84 Stat. 881.)