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§ 460cc–1. Acquisition of property
(a) Authority of Secretary; donation of State lands

Within the boundaries of the recreation area, the Secretary may acquire lands and waters or interests therein by donation, purchase or exchange, except that lands owned by the States of New York or New Jersey or any political subdivisions thereof may be acquired only by donation.

(b) Transfer from Federal agency to administrative jurisdiction of Secretary

With the concurrence of the agency having custody thereof, any Federal property within the boundaries of the recreation area may be transferred, without consideration, to the administrative jurisdiction of the Secretary for administration as a part of the recreation area.

(c) Breezy Point Unit; public use and access; agreement for use of lands for single-family residential community; specific provisions; Rockaway parking lot conveyance
Within the Breezy Point Unit, (1) the Secretary shall acquire an adequate interest in the area depicted on the map referred to in section 460cc of this title to assure the public use of and access to the entire beach. The Secretary may enter into an agreement with any property owner or owners to assure the continued maintenance and use of all remaining lands in private ownership as a residential community composed of single-family dwellings. Any such agreement shall be irrevocable, unless terminated by mutual agreement, and shall specify, among other things:
(A) that the Secretary may designate, establish and maintain a buffer zone on Federal lands separating the public use area and the private community;
(B) that all construction commencing within the community, including the conversion of dwellings from seasonal to year-round residences, shall comply with standards to be established by the Secretary;
(C) that additional commercial establishments shall be permitted only with the express prior approval of the Secretary or his designee.
(2) If a valid, enforceable agreement is executed pursuant to paragraph (1) of this subsection, the authority of the Secretary to acquire any interest in the property subject to the agreement, except for the beach property, shall be suspended.
(3) The Secretary is authorized to accept by donation from the city of New York any right, title, or interest which it holds in the parking lot at Rockaway which is part of the Marine Bridge project at Riis Park. Nothing herein shall be deemed to authorize the United States to extinguish any present or future encumbrance or to authorize the State of New York or any political subdivision or agency thereof to further encumber any interest in the property so conveyed.
(d) Jamaica Bay Unit; Broad Channel Community; title acceptance conditions

Within the Jamaica Bay Unit, (1) the Secretary may accept title to lands donated by the city of New York subject to a retained right to continue existing uses for a specifically limited period of time if such uses conform to plans agreed to by the Secretary, and (2) the Secretary may accept title to the area known as Broad Channel Community only if, within five years after October 27, 1972, all improvements have been removed from the area and a clear title to the area is tendered to the United States.

(Pub. L. 92–592, § 2, Oct. 27, 1972, 86 Stat. 1308.)