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§ 460jj. Establishment
(a) In general

An area of land comprising approximately 35,235 acres located in Grand County, Colorado, within the Arapaho and the Roosevelt National Forests and the Colorado Big Thompson project (as generally depicted as the “Arapaho National Recreation Area” on a map entitled “Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and Arapaho National Recreation Area” and dated May 2007) is established as the Arapaho National Recreation Area.

(b) Administration
The Secretary shall administer the Arapaho National Recreation Area, in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable to the national forests, in such a manner as will best provide for—
(1) public recreation and enjoyment;
(2) the conservation and development of the scenic, natural, historic, and pastoral values of the area;
(3) the management, utilization, and disposal of natural resources such as timber, grazing, and mineral resources so that their utilization will not substantially impair the purposes for which the recreation area is established; and
(4) the management of water quality in the recreation area consistent with the development of needed water supply and waste-water systems, including the control of aquatic vegetation in the streams, lakes, and reservoirs within the recreation area.
(c) Management plan

The Secretary shall develop an overall management plan for the Arapaho National Recreation Area. This plan shall be developed in consultation with State and local political subdivisions and other interested persons.

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