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§ 460gg–4. Administration, protection, and development
Except as otherwise provided in section 460gg–1 of this title and section 3 of this Act, and subject to the provisions of section 460gg–7 of this title, the Secretary shall administer the recreation area in accordance with the laws, rules, and regulations applicable to the national forests for public outdoor recreation in a manner compatible with the following objectives:
(1) the maintenance and protection of the freeflowing nature of the rivers within the recreation area;
(2) conservation of scenic, wilderness, cultural, scientific, and other values contributing to the public benefit;
(3) preservation, especially in the area generally known as Hells Canyon, of all features and peculiarities believed to be biologically unique including, but not limited to, rare and endemic plant species, rare combinations of aquatic, terrestrial, and atmospheric habitats, and the rare combinations of outstanding and diverse ecosystems and parts of ecosystems associated therewith;
(4) protection and maintenance of fish and wildlife habitat;
(5) protection of archeological and paleontologic sites and interpretation of these sites for the public benefit and knowledge insofar as it is compatible with protection;
(6) preservation and restoration of historic sites associated with and typifying the economic and social history of the region and the American West; and
(7) such management, utilization, and disposal of natural resources on federally owned lands, including, but not limited to, timber harvesting by selective cutting, mining, and grazing and the continuation of such existing uses and developments as are compatible with the provisions of this subchapter.
(Pub. L. 94–199, § 7, Dec. 31, 1975, 89 Stat. 1118.)