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§ 92a. Rights-of-way for railways, tramways, and cable lines

The provisions of section 92 of this title, granting rights-of-way, under such restrictions and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may establish, to any railway or tramway company or companies for the purpose of building, constructing, and operating a railway, constructing and operating a railway or tramway line or lines, so far as the same relate to lands within the Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, are repealed: Provided, however, That nothing herein shall be construed so as to prohibit the Secretary of the Interior from authorizing the use of land in said park under contract, permit, lease, or otherwise for the establishment and operation thereon of a tramway or cable line, or lines, for the accommodation or convenience of visitors and others.

(Jan. 26, 1931, ch. 47, § 6, 46 Stat. 1044.)