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§ 406d–1. Establishment; boundaries; administration

For the purpose of including in one national park, for public benefit and enjoyment, the lands within the present Grand Teton National Park and a portion of the lands within the Jackson Hole National Monument, there is established a new “Grand Teton National Park”. The park shall comprise, subject to valid existing rights, all of the present Grand Teton National Park and all lands of the Jackson Hole National Monument that are not otherwise expressly provided for in this Act, and an order setting forth the boundaries of the park shall be prepared by the Secretary of the Interior and published in the Federal Register. The national park so established shall, so far as consistent with the provisions of this Act, be administered in accordance with the general statutes governing national parks, and shall supersede the present Grand Teton National Park and the Jackson Hole National Monument.

(Sept. 14, 1950, ch. 950, § 1, 64 Stat. 849.)