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§ 370a. Retention of Arlington Hotel site for park and landscape purposes

The site within the Hot Springs National Park fronting on Central Avenue and on Fountain Street, leased by the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to the authority of Act of August 24, 1912 (chapter 355, 37 Statutes 459) to the Arlington Hotel Company, and occupied by the hotel and bathhouse building of said company until it burned on April 5, 1923, shall upon the expiration on March 6, 1932, of the existing lease therefor with the said Arlington Hotel Company, be kept, retained, and maintained by the United States for park and land­scaping purposes; and no new lease shall be granted by the Secretary of the Interior for the erection of another hotel, bathhouse, or other structure thereon.

(Feb. 14, 1931, ch. 180, 46 Stat. 1109.)