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§ 374. Taking or use of or bathing in water in violation of rules and regulations

Any person who shall, except in compliance with such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Interior may deem necessary, enter or attempt to enter upon said tract, take, or attempt to take, use, or attempt to use, bathe in, or attempt to bathe in water of any spring located thereon, or without presenting satisfactory evidence that he or she (provided he or she is under medical treatment) is the patient of a physician duly registered at the office of the superintendent of the Hot Springs National Park as one qualified, under such rules which the Secretary of the Interior may have made or shall make, to prescribe the waters of the Hot Springs, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be subject to a fine of not more than $100, and be adjudged to pay all costs of the proceedings. No physician who shall engage in the solicitation of patronage through the medium of drummers, or otherwise, shall be or remain thus registered. If any person so bathing, or attempting to bathe, or so entering, or attempting to enter upon the described tract, shall have the permit of a physician, such physician shall be liable to the penalties of this section, unless he be regularly registered; and such person shall not be liable to the penalties of this section, unless it shall be made to appear that he knew, or had reason to believe, that the physician giving him such permit was not regularly registered.

(Apr. 20, 1904, ch. 1400, § 4, 33 Stat. 188; Mar. 4, 1921, ch. 161, § 1, 41 Stat. 1407.)