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§ 262. Total area; consent of Congress to acquisition of lands and property and transfer thereof to United States
The total area of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, as determined pursuant to this subchapter, shall comprise not less than six thousand acres and shall not exceed fifty thousand acres, and lands may be added to the park following its establishment within the aforesaid limitations. The park shall not include any land within the city limits of Middlesboro and Pineville, Kentucky; Cumberland Gap, Tennessee; which the proper officials thereof shall indicate to the Secretary of the Interior prior to the establishment of said park are required for expansion of said cities.
(a) The consent of Congress is given to the States of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia to enter into a compact providing for (1) the acquisition of the lands, structures, and other property in the Cumberland Gap-Cumberland Ford areas referred to in section 261 of this title, and (2) the transfer of title to such lands, structures, and other property to the United States.
(b) The right to alter, amend, or repeal this section is expressly reserved.
(June 11, 1940, ch. 304, § 2, 54 Stat. 263; May 26, 1943, ch. 103, § 2, 57 Stat. 85.)