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§ 161d. Elimination of fish hatchery; transfer of administration of hatchery to Fish and Wildlife Service

The property at Creston, Montana, acquired by the United States for the establishment of a fish hatchery for restocking the waters of Glacier National Park and administered as a part of the park pursuant to section 161c of this title, together with the improvements and equipment utilized in connection with the hatchery property, is eliminated from the park.

The functions of the National Park Service with regard to the administration of the aforesaid properties for the benefit of the park are transferred to and shall be exercised by the Fish and Wildlife Service for the same purposes: Provided, however, That such fish propagated at the hatchery as may be in excess of the number necessary to restock and maintain an optimum fish population in the waters of the park at all times may be utilized for the re­stocking of other waters.

(Dec. 13, 1944, ch. 555, 58 Stat. 801.)