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§ 1436. Prohibited activitiesIt is unlawful for any person to—
(1) destroy, cause the loss of, or injure any sanctuary resource managed under law or regulations for that sanctuary;
(2) possess, sell, offer for sale, purchase, import, export, deliver, carry, transport, or ship by any means any sanctuary resource taken in violation of this section;
(3) interfere with the enforcement of this chapter by—
(A) refusing to permit any officer authorized to enforce this chapter to board a vessel, other than a vessel operated by the Department of Defense or United States Coast Guard, subject to such person’s control for the purposes of conducting any search or inspection in connection with the enforcement of this chapter;
(B) resisting, opposing, impeding, intimidating, harassing, bribing, interfering with, or forcibly assaulting any person authorized by the Secretary to implement this chapter or any such authorized officer in the conduct of any search or inspection performed under this chapter; or
(C) knowingly and willfully submitting false information to the Secretary or any officer authorized to enforce this chapter in connection with any search or inspection conducted under this chapter; or
(4) violate any provision of this chapter or any regulation or permit issued pursuant to this chapter.
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