References in Text

Herein, referred to in subsec. (c)(5), means act Aug. 11, 1939, which comprises this subchapter.

Prior Provisions

A prior section 4 of act Aug. 11, 1939, ch. 717, 53 Stat. 1419, covered authorization of appropriations, prior to the general amendment of that act by act Oct. 14, 1940. See section 590z–10 of this title.


1943—Subsec. (d). Act July 16, 1943, added subsec. (d).

Expiration of Subsection (d)

Subsection (d) of this section, by the terms thereof, ceased to be of force and effect, except as to certain projects, six months after cessation of hostilities of World War II, which was proclaimed at 12 o’clock noon of December 31, 1946, by Proc. No. 2714, 12 F.R. 1, set out as a note preceding section 1 of Title 50, War and National Defense.

Extension of Variable Payment Plan

Authority of Secretary to extend benefits of variable payment plan to organizations with which he contracts or has contracted for the repayment of construction costs allocated to irrigation on any project undertaken by the United States, including contracts under this subchapter, see section 2 of Pub. L. 85–611, Aug. 8, 1958, 72 Stat. 542, set out as a note under section 485h of Title 43, Public Lands.