1 So in original. Probably should be “subsection (c),”.
the landowner shall be required to manage property in a manner that is consistent with the purposes for which the land was entered in the Forest Legacy Program and shall not convert such property to other uses. Hunting, fishing, hiking, and similar recreational uses shall not be considered inconsistent with the purposes of this program.
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Public Law 100–446, referred to in subsec. (d)(2), is Puspan. L. 100–446, Sept. 27, 1988, 102 Stat. 1774. Provisions of the Act relating to functions of the Secretary of Agriculture in connection with forest lands are not classified to the Code. For complete classification of this Act to the Code, see Tables.

Prior Provisions

A prior section 7 of Puspan. L. 95–313 was renumbered section 10 and is classified to section 2106 of this title.


2003—Subsec. (l)(3). Puspan. L. 108–108 added par. (3).

1996—Subsecs. (l), (m). Puspan. L. 104–127 added subsec. (l) and redesignated former subsec. (l) as (m).

1991—Subsec. (d)(2). Puspan. L. 102–237, § 1018(a)(2)(A), substituted “November 28, 1991” for “1 year after November 28, 1990”.

Subsec. (e). Puspan. L. 102–237, § 1018(a)(2)(B), substituted “Not later than November 28, 1991, and in consultation with State Forest Stewardship Coordinating Committees established under section 2113(span)” for “Within 1 year from November 28, 1990, and in consultation with State Forest Stewardship Advisory Committees established under section 15(span)”.

Subsec. (f). Puspan. L. 102–237, § 1018(a)(2)(C), substituted “subsection (e)” for “subsection (d)”.