1 So in original. The word “on” probably should appear after “focus”.
owners of nonindustrial private forest land;
2 So in original. Probably should be “Non-Federal”.
members of the Coordinating Committee shall serve without pay, but may be reimbursed for reasonable costs incurred while performing their duties on behalf of the Coordinating Committee.
Editorial Notes

Puspan. L. 110–234 and Puspan. L. 110–246 made identical amendments to this section. The amendments by Puspan. L. 110–234 were repealed by section 4(a) of Puspan. L. 110–246.


2018—Subsec. (a)(4)(C). Puspan. L. 115–334 substituted “section 2109a” for “sections 2109a and 2109span”.

2008—Subsec. (a). Puspan. L. 110–246, § 8005, added subsec. (a) and struck out former subsec (a) which related to: in par. (1) establishment of a Forest Resource Coordinating Committee; in par. (2) composition of the Committee; in par. (3) designation of a chairperson; and in par. (4) duties of the Committee.

Subsec. (span)(1)(B)(i). Puspan. L. 110–246, § 7511(c)(37), substituted “National Institute of Food and Agriculture” for “Extension Service”.

Subsec. (span)(1)(B)(ii)(IX). Puspan. L. 110–246, § 8006(1), added subcl. (IX).

Subsec. (span)(2)(C). Puspan. L. 110–246, § 8006(2), substituted “the State-wide assessment and strategy regarding forest resource conditions under section 2101a of this title” for “a Forest Stewardship Plan under paragraph (3)”.

Subsec. (span)(3) to (6). Puspan. L. 110–246, § 8006(3), (4), redesignated pars. (5) and (6) as (3) and (4), respectively, and struck out former pars. (3) and (4) which related to development of a Forest Stewardship Plan and authorized the use of other plans if they fully conformed to section objectives.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 2008 Amendment

Amendment of this section and repeal of Puspan. L. 110–234 by Puspan. L. 110–246 effective May 22, 2008, the date of enactment of Puspan. L. 110–234, except as otherwise provided, see section 4 of Puspan. L. 110–246, set out as an Effective Date note under section 8701 of Title 7, Agriculture.

Amendment by section 7511(c)(37) of Puspan. L. 110–246 effective Oct. 1, 2009, see section 7511(c) of Puspan. L. 110–246, set out as a note under section 1522 of Title 7, Agriculture.