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§ 742d. Investigations; preparation and dissemination of information; reports
1 So in original. No subsec. (b) has been enacted.
The Secretary shall conduct continuing investigations, prepare and disseminate information, and make periodical reports to the public, to the President, and to Congress, with respect to the following matters:
(1) The production and flow to market of fish and fishery products domestically produced, and also those produced by foreign producers which affect the domestic fisheries;
(2) The availability and abundance and the biological requirements of the fish and wildlife resources;
(3) The competitive economic position of the various fish and fishery products with respect to each other, and with respect to competitive domestic and foreign-produced commodities;
(5) The collection and dissemination of statistics on the nature and availability of wildlife, progress in acquisition of additional refuges and measures being taken to foster a coordinated program to encourage and develop wildlife values;
(6) The improvement of production and marketing practices in regard to commercial species and the conduct of educational and extension services relative to commercial and sport fishing, and wildlife matters;
(7) Any other matters which in the judgment of the Secretary are of public interest in connection with any phases of fish and wildlife operations.
(Aug. 8, 1956, ch. 1036, § 5, 70 Stat. 1121.)