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§ 81f. Application for establishment and expansion of zone
(a) Application for establishment; requirements
Each application shall state in detail—
(1) The location and qualifications of the area in which it is proposed to establish a zone, showing (A) the land and water or land or water area or land area alone if the application is for its establishment in or adjacent to an interior port; (B) the means of segregation from customs territory; (C) the fitness of the area for a zone; and (D) the possibilities of expansion of the zone area;
(2) The facilities and appurtenances which it is proposed to provide and the preliminary plans and estimate of the cost thereof, and the existing facilities and appurtenances which it is proposed to utilize;
(3) The time within which the applicant proposes to commence and complete the construction of the zone and facilities and appurtenances;
(4) The methods proposed to finance the undertaking;
(5) Such other information as the Board may require.
(b) Amendment of application; expansion of zone
(June 18, 1934, ch. 590, § 6, 48 Stat. 1000.)