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§ 5604.
Purpose of Foundation
It is the purpose of the Foundation to—
increase awareness of the importance of and promote the benefit and enjoyment of the Nation’s natural resources;
foster among the American population greater recognition and understanding of the role of the environment, public lands and resources in the development of the United States;
identify critical environmental issues;
establish a program for environmental policy research at the Center and a program for environmental conflict resolution and training at the National Center;
develop resources to properly train professionals in the environmental, natural resource, conflict resolution, and related fields;
provide educational outreach regarding environmental policy;
develop resources at the Native Nations Institute to properly train Native American and Alaska Native professionals in health care and public policy, by providing education to and conducting management and leadership training of Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and others involved in tribal leadership, providing assistance and resources for policy analysis, and carrying out other appropriate activities.; 1
 So in original. The period probably should not appear.
establish as part of the Foundation the John S. McCain III National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution to assist the Federal Government in implementing section 4331 of title 42 by providing assessment, mediation, and other related services to resolve environmental issues, conflicts, and disputes involving agencies and instrumentalities of the United States; and
complement the direction established by the President in Executive Order No. 12988 (61 Fed. Reg. 4729; relating to civil justice reform).
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