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§ 459. Compliance by all establishments
(a) In general

No establishment processing poultry or poultry products for commerce otherwise subject to this chapter shall process any poultry or poultry product except in compliance with the requirements of this chapter.

(b) Notification

Any establishment subject to inspection under this chapter that believes, or has reason to believe, that an adulterated or misbranded poultry or poultry product received by or originating from the establishment has entered into commerce shall promptly notify the Secretary with regard to the type, amount, origin, and destination of the poultry or poultry product.

(c) Plans and reassessments
The Secretary shall require that each establishment subject to inspection under this chapter shall, at a minimum—
(1) prepare and maintain current procedures for the recall of all poultry or poultry products produced and shipped by the establishment;
(2) document each reassessment of the process control plans of the establishment; and
(3) upon request, make the procedures and reassessed process control plans available to inspectors appointed by the Secretary for review and copying.
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