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§ 360m.
Accredited persons
In general
Review and classification of devices

Not later than 1 year after November 21, 1997, the Secretary shall, subject to paragraph (3), accredit persons for the purpose of reviewing reports submitted under section 360(k) of this title and making recommendations to the Secretary regarding the initial classification of devices under section 360c(f)(1) of this title.

Requirements regarding review
In general

In making a recommendation to the Secretary under paragraph (1), an accredited person shall notify the Secretary in writing of the reasons for the recommendation.

Time period for review

Not later than 30 days after the date on which the Secretary is notified under subparagraph (A) by an accredited person with respect to a recommendation of an initial classification of a device, the Secretary shall make a determination with respect to the initial classification.

Special rule

The Secretary may change the initial classification under section 360c(f)(1) of this title that is recommended under paragraph (1) by an accredited person, and in such case shall provide to such person, and the person who submitted the report under section 360(k) of this title for the device, a statement explaining in detail the reasons for the change.

Certain devices
In general
An accredited person may not be used to perform a review of—
(i) a class III device;
(ii) a device classified under section 360c(f)(2) of this title or designated under section 360e–3(d) 1
1 See References in Text note below.
of this title;
(iii) a device that is intended to be permanently implantable, life sustaining, or life supporting, unless otherwise determined by the Secretary in accordance with subparagraph (B)(i)(II) and listed as eligible for review under subparagraph (B)(iii); or
(iv) a device that is of a type, or subset of a type, listed as not eligible for review under subparagraph (B)(iii).
Designation for review
The Secretary shall—
issue draft guidance on the factors the Secretary will use in determining whether a class I or class II device type, or subset of such device types, is eligible for review by an accredited person, including—
(I) the risk of the device type, or subset of such device type; and(II) whether the device type, or subset of such device type, is permanently implantable, life sustaining, or life supporting, and whether there is a detailed public health justification for permitting the review by an accredited person of such device type or subset;
(ii) not later than 24 months after the date on which the Secretary issues such draft guidance, finalize such guidance; and
(iii) beginning on the date such guidance is finalized, designate and post on the internet website of the Food and Drug Administration, an updated list of class I and class II device types, or subsets of such device types, and the Secretary’s determination with respect to whether each such device type, or subset of a device type, is eligible or not eligible for review by an accredited person under this section based on the factors described in clause (i).
Interim rule

Until the date on which the updated list is designated and posted in accordance with subparagraph (B)(iii), the list in effect on August 18, 2017, shall be in effect.


The Secretary shall provide for such accreditation through programs administered by the Food and Drug Administration, other government agencies, or by other qualified nongovernment organizations.

In general

Not later than 180 days after November 21, 1997, the Secretary shall establish and publish in the Federal Register criteria to accredit or deny accreditation to persons who request to perform the duties specified in subsection (a). The Secretary shall respond to a request for accreditation within 60 days of the receipt of the request. The accreditation of such person shall specify the particular activities under subsection (a) for which such person is accredited.

Withdrawal of accreditation

The Secretary may suspend or withdraw accreditation of any person accredited under this paragraph, after providing notice and an opportunity for an informal hearing, when such person is substantially not in compliance with the requirements of this section or poses a threat to public health or fails to act in a manner that is consistent with the purposes of this section.

Performance auditing
To ensure that persons accredited under this section will continue to meet the standards of accreditation, the Secretary shall—
(i) make onsite visits on a periodic basis to each accredited person to audit the performance of such person; and
(ii) take such additional measures as the Secretary determines to be appropriate.
Periodic reaccreditation

Subject to suspension or withdrawal under subparagraph (B), any accreditation under this section shall be valid for a period of 3 years after its issuance.

Response to reaccreditation request

Upon the submission of a request by an accredited person for reaccreditation under this section, the Secretary shall approve or deny such request not later than 60 days after receipt of the request.


Not later than 120 days after July 9, 2012, the Secretary shall establish and publish in the Federal Register criteria to reaccredit or deny reaccreditation to persons under this section. The reaccreditation of persons under this section shall specify the particular activities under subsection (a), and the devices, for which such persons are reaccredited.

An accredited person shall, at a minimum, meet the following requirements:
(A) Such person may not be an employee of the Federal Government.
(B) Such person shall be an independent organization which is not owned or controlled by a manufacturer, supplier, or vendor of devices and which has no organizational, material, or financial affiliation with such a manufacturer, supplier, or vendor.
(C) Such person shall be a legally constituted entity permitted to conduct the activities for which it seeks accreditation.
(D) Such person shall not engage in the design, manufacture, promotion, or sale of devices.
(E) The operations of such person shall be in accordance with generally accepted professional and ethical business practices.
Such person shall agree, at a minimum, to include in its request for accreditation a commitment to, at the time of accreditation, and at any time it is performing any review pursuant to this section—
(i) certify that reported information accurately reflects data reviewed;
(ii) limit work to that for which competence and capacity are available;
(iii) treat information received, records, reports, and recommendations as proprietary information;
(iv) promptly respond and attempt to resolve complaints regarding its activities for which it is accredited; and
(v) protect against the use, in carrying out subsection (a) with respect to a device, of any officer or employee of the person who has a financial conflict of interest regarding the device, and annually make available to the public disclosures of the extent to which the person, and the officers and employees of the person, have maintained compliance with requirements under this clause relating to financial conflicts of interest.
Selection of accredited persons

The Secretary shall provide each person who chooses to use an accredited person to receive a section 360(k) of this title report a panel of at least two or more accredited persons from which the regulated person may select one for a specific regulatory function.

Compensation of accredited persons

Compensation for an accredited person shall be determined by agreement between the accredited person and the person who engages the services of the accredited person, and shall be paid by the person who engages such services.


The authority provided by this section terminates October 1, 2022.

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