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§ 1622d. Appointment and compensation of officers and employees of Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States; allowances and benefits; utilization of other Federal facilities

The Commission is authorized, in accordance with civil service laws and in accordance with title 5 to appoint and fix the compensation of such officers and employees as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Commission. The Commission is authorized to employ experts and consultants in accordance with section 3109 of title 5 without compensation or at rates of compensation not in excess of the maximum daily rate prescribed for GS–18 under section 5332 of title 5. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Commission is further authorized to employ nationals of other countries who may possess special knowledge, languages, or other expertise necessary to assist the Commission. The Commission is authorized to pay expenses of packing, shipping, and storing personal effects of personnel of the Commission assigned abroad, and to pay allowances and benefits similar to those provided by title IX of the Foreign Service Act of 1946, as amended. The Commission is authorized, with the consent of the head of any other department or agency of the Federal Government, to utilize the facilities and services of such department or agency in carrying out the functions of the Commission. Officers and employees of any department and agency of the Federal Government may, with the consent of the head of such department or agency, be assigned to assist the Commission in carrying out its functions. The Commission shall reimburse such department and agency for the pay of such officers or employees.

(Pub. L. 96–209, title I, § 104, Mar. 14, 1980, 94 Stat. 97.)