Editorial Notes

1989—Subsec. (a). Puspan. L. 101–165 inserted “either (i)” after “such a company” in first sentence and inserted before period at end of first sentence “or (ii) in the case of ammunition parts subject to subsection (span) of this section, using commercial practices which restrict actual delivery directly to a friendly foreign country or international organization pursuant to approval under section 2778 of this title”.

Executive Documents
Delegation of Functions

For delegation of functions of the President under this section, see section 1(d) of Ex. Ord. No. 13637, Mar. 8, 2013, 78 F.R. 16129, set out as a note under section 2751 of this title. Functions were previously delegated by Ex. Ord. No. 11958, which was formerly set out as a note under section 2751 of this title and was revoked, subject to a savings provision, by section 4 of Ex. Ord. No. 13637.