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§ 4026.
Career counseling
Facilitation of transition from Service

In order to facilitate their transition from the Service, the Secretary may provide (by contract or otherwise, subject to the availability of appropriations) professional career counseling, advice, and placement assistance to members of the Service, and to former members of the Service who were assigned to receive counseling and assistance under this subsection before they were separated from the Service, other than those separated for cause. Career counseling and related services provided pursuant to this chapter shall not be construed to permit an assignment that consists primarily of paid time to conduct a job search and without other substantive duties for more than one month.

Facilitation of employment of spouses of members; establishment of family liaison office
The Secretary may facilitate the employment of spouses of members of the Service by—
(A) providing regular career counseling for such spouses;
(B) maintaining a centralized system for cataloging their skills and the various governmental and nongovernmental employment opportunities available to them; and
(C) otherwise assisting them in obtaining employment.
(2) The Secretary shall establish a family liaison office to carry out this subsection and such other functions as the Secretary may determine.
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