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§ 111.
Payment of moneys and distribution of goods

The payment of all moneys and the distribution of all goods stipulated to be furnished to any Indians, or tribe of Indians, shall be made in one of the following ways, as the President or the Secretary of the Interior may direct:

First. To the chiefs of a tribe, for the tribe.

Second. In cases where the imperious interest of the tribe or the individuals intended to be benefited, or any treaty stipulation, requires the intervention of an agency, then to such person as the tribe shall appoint to receive such moneys or goods; or if several persons be appointed, then upon the joint order or receipt of such persons.

Third. To the heads of the families and to the individuals entitled to participate in the moneys or goods.

Fourth. By consent of the tribe, such moneys or goods may be applied directly, under such regulations, not inconsistent with treaty stipulations, as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Interior, to such purposes as will best promote the happiness and prosperity of the members of the tribe, and will encourage able-bodied Indians in the habits of industry and peace.

(R.S. § 2086.)