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U.S. Code

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1950 Reorg. Plan No. 2, § 2, eff. May 24, 1950, 64 Stat. 1261.

The words “including any function transferred to the Attorney General by the provisions of this reorganization plan” are omitted as executed and unnecessary as the words “any function of the Attorney General” include the functions transferred to the Attorney General by 1950 Reorg. Plan. No. 2.

Editorial Notes
Prior Provisions

A prior section 510, act June 25, 1948, ch. 646, 62 Stat. 910, related to clerical assistants and messengers for United States attorneys, prior to repeal by Puspan. L. 89–554, § 8(a), and reenactment in section 550 of this title by section 4(c) of Puspan. L. 89–554.