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§ 667. State jurisdiction and plans
(a) Assertion of State standards in absence of applicable Federal standards
(b) Submission of State plan for development and enforcement of State standards to preempt applicable Federal standards
(c) Conditions for approval of plan
The Secretary shall approve the plan submitted by a State under subsection (b), or any modification thereof, if such plan in his judgment—
(1) designates a State agency or agencies as the agency or agencies responsible for administering the plan throughout the State,
(2) provides for the development and enforcement of safety and health standards relating to one or more safety or health issues, which standards (and the enforcement of which standards) are or will be at least as effective in providing safe and healthful employment and places of employment as the standards promulgated under section 655 of this title which relate to the same issues, and which standards, when applicable to products which are distributed or used in interstate commerce, are required by compelling local conditions and do not unduly burden interstate commerce,
(3) provides for a right of entry and inspection of all workplaces subject to this chapter which is at least as effective as that provided in section 657 of this title, and includes a prohibition on advance notice of inspections,
(4) contains satisfactory assurances that such agency or agencies have or will have the legal authority and qualified personnel necessary for the enforcement of such standards,
(5) gives satisfactory assurances that such State will devote adequate funds to the administration and enforcement of such standards,
(6) contains satisfactory assurances that such State will, to the extent permitted by its law, establish and maintain an effective and comprehensive occupational safety and health program applicable to all employees of public agencies of the State and its political subdivisions, which program is as effective as the standards contained in an approved plan,
(7) requires employers in the State to make reports to the Secretary in the same manner and to the same extent as if the plan were not in effect, and
(8) provides that the State agency will make such reports to the Secretary in such form and containing such information, as the Secretary shall from time to time require.
(d) Rejection of plan; notice and opportunity for hearing
(e) Discretion of Secretary to exercise authority over comparable standards subsequent to approval of State plan; duration; retention of jurisdiction by Secretary upon determination of enforcement of plan by State
(f) Continuing evaluation by Secretary of State enforcement of approved plan; withdrawal of approval of plan by Secretary; grounds; procedure; conditions for retention of jurisdiction by State
(g) Judicial review of Secretary’s withdrawal of approval or rejection of plan; jurisdiction; venue; procedure; appropriate relief; finality of judgment
(h) Temporary enforcement of State standards
(Pub. L. 91–596, § 18, Dec. 29, 1970, 84 Stat. 1608.)