Editorial Notes

2016—Pub. L. 114–120 substituted “Secretary of the department in which the Coast Guard is operating” for “Secretary of Transportation” wherever appearing.

2004—Subsec. (b). Pub. L. 108–293 substituted “$5,000 for a violation occurring in 2004; $10,000 for a violation occurring in 2005; $15,000 for a violation occurring in 2006; $20,000 for a violation occurring in 2007; and $25,000 for a violation occurring in 2008 and any year thereafter” for “$1,000”.

1983—Subsec. (a). Pub. L. 97–449 substituted “Secretary of Transportation” for “Secretary of War” wherever appearing. See Transfer of Functions note below.

1982—Pub. L. 97–322 designated existing provisions as subsec. (a), made willfulness an element of the described offenses, and added subsec. (b).

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Transfer of Functions

Section 6(g)(6)(C) of Pub. L. 89–670 transferred functions, powers, and duties of Secretary of the Army [formerly War] and other offices and officers of Department of the Army [formerly War] under this subchapter to extent that they relate generally to location and clearances of bridges and causeways in navigable waters of United States to Secretary of Transportation. Pub. L. 97–449 amended this section to reflect transfer made by section 6(g)(6)(C) of Pub. L. 89–670, and repealed section 6(g)(6)(C).