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§ 670.
Surrender to United States of right to regulate debris of mine

Said petition shall be accompanied by an instrument duly executed and acknowledged, as required by the law of the said State, whereby the owner or owners of such mine or mines surrender to the United States the right and privilege to regulate by law, as provided in this chapter, or any law that may be enacted after March 1, 1893, or by such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by virtue thereof, the manner and method in which the debris resulting from the working of said mine or mines shall be restrained, and what amount shall be produced therefrom; it being understood that the surrender aforesaid shall not be construed as in any way affecting the right of such owner or owners to operate said mine or mines by any other process or method in use in said State on March 1, 1893: Provided, That they shall not interfere with the navigability of the aforesaid rivers.

(Mar. 1, 1893, ch. 183, § 10, 27 Stat. 508.)