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§ 685.
Construction by commission of restraining works, etc.; use of debris fund

Said commission, in order that such material as is now or may hereafter be lodged in the tributaries of the Sacramento and San Joaquin River systems resulting from mining operations, natural erosion, or other causes, shall be prevented from injuring the said navigable rivers or such of the tributaries of either as may be navigable and the land adjacent thereto, is directed and empowered, when appropriations are made therefor by law, or sufficient money is deposited for that purpose in said debris fund, to build at such points above the head of navigation in said rivers and on the main tributaries thereof, or branches of such tributaries, or any place adjacent to the same, which in the judgment of said commission, will effect said object (the same to be of such material as will insure safety and permanency), such restraining or impounding dams and settling reservoirs, with such canals, locks, or other works adapted and required to complete same. The recommendations contained in Executive Document Numbered 267, Fifty-first Congress, second session, and Executive Document Numbered 98, Forty-seventh Congress, first session, as far as they refer to impounding dams, or other restraining works, are adopted, and the same are directed to be made the basis of operations.

(Mar. 1, 1893, ch. 183, § 25, 27 Stat. 511.)