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§ 701b–16.
Management of flood risk reduction projects
In general

If 2 or more flood control projects are located within the same geographic area, the Secretary shall, at the request of the non-Federal interests for the affected projects, consider those projects as a single program for budgetary or project management purposes, if the Secretary determines that doing so would not be incompatible with the authorized project purposes.

Cost share
In general

If any work on a project to which subsection (a) applies is required solely because of impacts to that project from a navigation project, the cost of carrying out that work shall be shared in accordance with the cost-sharing requirements for the navigation project.

Use of amounts

Work described in paragraph (1) may be carried out using amounts made available under subsection (a).

(Pub. L. 113–121, title III, § 3012, June 10, 2014, 128 Stat. 1284.)