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§ 2222. Use of other Federal funds
The non-Federal interest for a water resources development study or project, including a study or project under a continuing authority program (as defined in section 2282d(c)(1)(D) of this title) and a study or project under an environmental infrastructure assistance program, may use, and the Secretary shall accept, funds provided by a Federal agency under any other Federal program, to satisfy, in whole or in part, the non-Federal share of the cost of the study or project if—
(1) the statutory authority for the funds provided by the Federal agency does not expressly prohibit use of the funds for a study or project of the Corps of Engineers; and
(2) the Federal agency that provides the funds determines that the study or project activities for which the funds will be used are otherwise eligible for funding under such statutory authority.
(Pub. L. 110–114, title II, § 2007, Nov. 8, 2007, 121 Stat. 1073; Pub. L. 117–263, div. H, title LXXXI, § 8149, Dec. 23, 2022, 136 Stat. 3731.)