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§ 426f.
In general

The Secretary is authorized to reimburse non-Federal interests for work done by them, after initiation of the survey studies which form the basis for the project or separable element of the project, on authorized projects or separable elements which individually do not exceed $1,000,000 in total cost: Provided, That the work which may have been done on the projects or separable elements is approved by the Chief of Engineers as being in accordance with the authorized projects or separable elements: Provided further, That such reimbursement shall be subject to appropriations applicable thereto or funds available therefor and shall not take precedence over other pending projects or separable elements of higher priority for improvements.


After authorization of reimbursement by the Secretary under this section, and before commencement of construction, of a shore protection project, the Secretary shall enter into a written agreement with the non-Federal interest with respect to the project or separable element.

The agreement shall—
(A) specify the life of the project; and
(B) ensure that the Federal Government and the non-Federal interest will cooperate in carrying out the project or separable element.
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