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§ 1002.
Additional training or duty without pay: Reserves and members of National Guard
(a) A member of the National Guard, or of a reserve component of a uniformed service, may, with his consent, be given additional training or other duty as provided by law, without pay, as may be authorized by the Secretary concerned.
(1) A member who performs training or other duty without pay under subsection (a) may, in the discretion of the Secretary concerned, be authorized the travel and transportation allowances prescribed by section 474(a)–(d), and (f), of this title for travel performed to and from that training or duty, and, during the performance of that training or duty, be furnished with subsistence and quarters in kind or commutation thereof at a rate to be fixed by the Secretary concerned.
(2) If a military technician (dual status), as described in section 10216 of title 10, is performing active duty without pay while on leave from technician employment, as authorized by section 6323(d) of title 5, the Secretary concerned may authorize the payment of a per diem allowance to the military technician in lieu of commutation for subsistence and quarters under paragraph (1).
(c) This section does not authorize compensation for work or study performed by a member of a reserve component in connection with correspondence courses of an armed force.
(d) This section does not apply to a member who is entitled to basic pay under chapter 3 of this title.
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