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§ 1710E.
Traumatic brain injury: use of non-Department facilities for rehabilitation
Cooperative Agreements.—
The Secretary, in implementing and carrying out a plan developed under section 1710C of this title, may provide hospital care and medical services, including rehabilitative services (as defined in section 1710C of this title), through cooperative agreements with appropriate public or private entities that have established long-term neurobehavioral rehabilitation and recovery programs.
Covered Individuals.—
The care and services provided under subsection (a) shall be made available to an individual—
who is described in section 1710C(a) of this title; and
to whom the Secretary is unable to provide such treatment or services at the frequency or for the duration prescribed in such plan; or
for whom the Secretary determines that it is optimal with respect to the recovery and rehabilitation for such individual.
Authorities of State Protection and Advocacy Systems.—
Nothing in subtitle C of the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000 shall be construed as preventing a State protection and advocacy system (as defined in section 1710C(g) of this title) from exercising the authorities described in such subtitle with respect to individuals provided rehabilitative treatment or services under section 1710C of this title in a non-Department facility.
The Secretary may not provide treatment or services as described in subsection (a) at a non-Department facility under such subsection unless such facility maintains standards for the provision of such treatment or services established by an independent, peer-reviewed organization that accredits specialized rehabilitation programs for adults with traumatic brain injury.
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