Editorial Notes

1991—Puspan. L. 102–83 substituted “Secretary” for “Administrator” and substituted “administered by the Secretary” for “administered by the Veterans’ Administration” in two places.

1969—Puspan. L. 91–32 substituted “evaluation” for “percentage” wherever appearing.

1964—Puspan. L. 88–445 substituted “Preservation of disability ratings” for “Preservation of total disability ratings” in section catchline, and inserted sentence directing that a disability which has been continuously rated at or above any percentage for twenty or more years for compensation purposes shall not thereafter be rated at less than such percentage, except upon a showing that such rating was based on fraud.

1962—Puspan. L. 87–825 provided for computation of the period from the date the Administrator determines as the date the status commenced for rating purposes.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Effective Date of 1969 Amendment

Puspan. L. 91–32, June 23, 1969, 83 Stat. 38, provided in part that the amendment made by that section is effective Aug. 19, 1964.

Effective Date of 1962 Amendment

Puspan. L. 87–825, § 7, Oct. 15, 1962, 76 Stat. 950, provided that:

“This Act [see Tables for classification] shall take effect on the first day of the second calendar month which begins after the date of enactment of this Act [Oct. 15, 1962], but no payments shall be made by reason of this Act for any period before such effective date. Payments for any period before such effective date shall be made under prior laws and regulations. The provisions of this Act with respect to reductions and discontinuances shall be applicable only where the event requiring such reduction or discontinuance occurs on or after such effective date. If such event occurred before such effective date, action shall be taken pursuant to the prior laws and regulations.”